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Crytek receiving $500 million investment?

The German based game studio created by three Turkish brothers was responsible for creating the critically acclaimed cryengine as well as many popular games such as far cry, crysis and time splitters. Over recent years however crytek has seen ever decreasing profit margins due to the relative failure of their latest triple A game ryse… Read More »

Russia bans overwatch over gay character?

Russia banning overwatch? Overwatch the first person shooter by blizzard that took the world by storm earlier this year and has caused many controversial discussions over its short lifetime, the most noteworthy was tracers questionable pose in which her rear end was clearly displayed and perceived as inappropriate for the character. This being said tracer… Read More »

Nintendo switch only 40% as powerful undocked?

Nintendo have been very quiet when it comes to details on the Nintendo switch however a numerous amount of leaks and reports are painting a clearer image of how powerful the switch is and how that compares to current generation consoles. Recent reports have suggested that the Nintendo switch is going to be using the… Read More »