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Is Halo wars 2 the saviour of RTS games?

The Halo wars 2 release date (21st Feb) is rapidly approaching and with the open beta kicking off in just a few days I thought it’d be good to cover the game, why the RTS genre has suffered over the years and whether halo wars 2 is the game that can save it. Halo wars… Read More »

Nintendo switch already a failure?

Nintendo switch already a failure? Nintendo unveiled the works when it came to the Nintendo switch launch event last Thursday, the home console that can be transformed into a portable handheld console had a lot of promise leading into the event however what they showed us has left very mixed feelings. the main issues Nintendo… Read More »

Nintendo switch, what does it need to succeed?

What does the Nintendo switch need to do to succeed?  The Nintendo switch press event that the world has been waiting for is rapidly approaching, With only two days to go i thought i’d cover what i believe to be vital to the Switch’s success and what we need to see at the event. Price… Read More »

AMD trying to leapfrog nvidia with new Vega architecture

AMD trying to jump ahead of nvidia                                                                  This week AMD showcased their brand new architecture for their upcoming,… Read More »

Best games to look forward to in Q1 2017

Best games coming Q1 2017 2016 was a great years for games with us seeing huge titles such as battlefield 1 and call of duty infinite warfare but With it being a new year i thought it’d be good to write a post about all of the great games coming in 2017. For Honor kicking… Read More »

Iran government places ban on clash of clans

So yesterday it was revealed that the Iran government is placing limitations on who can play the hugely popular clash of clans mobile game. the mobile game has become one of the biggest games on mobile devices with the developers super cell claiming that they have over 100 million people people playing the game each… Read More »

Crytek receiving $500 million investment?

The German based game studio created by three Turkish brothers was responsible for creating the critically acclaimed cryengine as well as many popular games such as far cry, crysis and time splitters. Over recent years however crytek has seen ever decreasing profit margins due to the relative failure of their latest triple A game ryse… Read More »

Russia bans overwatch over gay character?

Russia banning overwatch? Overwatch the first person shooter by blizzard that took the world by storm earlier this year and has caused many controversial discussions over its short lifetime, the most noteworthy was tracers questionable pose in which her rear end was clearly displayed and perceived as inappropriate for the character. This being said tracer… Read More »

Nintendo switch only 40% as powerful undocked?

Nintendo have been very quiet when it comes to details on the Nintendo switch however a numerous amount of leaks and reports are painting a clearer image of how powerful the switch is and how that compares to current generation consoles. Recent reports have suggested that the Nintendo switch is going to be using the… Read More »