Nintendo switch leaked buy retailer

By | February 18, 2017

Nintendo switch leaked buy retailer

we are now just two weeks away from the official launch of the switch hybrid console but due to a 3rd party retailer jumping the gun and shipping one of the consoles to a customer we can now see all there is to see in the switches user menu and the worlds first switch unboxing. this all started when a neogaf user uploaded videos and pictures of the switch in action , he got the switch two weeks before the release due to an unidentified 3rd party retailer.

so whats in the videos, as he opens the box for the first unboxing you see the switch console alongside the two joy cons, then a manual and a few power cords he also displayed the grip that comes included as well the joy con straps and the stand for the switch that allows it to switch to a home console and connect to a TV. After the unboxing video the neogaf user released a video demoing the menus and a first time look around the operating system. on boot you see the red Nintendo switch logo that we’ve all now come to learn and recognise then straight onto a language selection page.

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After language selection we are taken to the Nintendo switch news tab which at the moment is just displaying how to information about operating the switch after the news section there were tabs for the eshop, photos and a settings tab. the settings tab is pretty standard for a console and is very similar to the same page on the 3ds so nothing to exciting.

This story doesn’t come as to much of a surprise since most retailers started receiving the consoles a  couple of days ago. Now that they’re out in the world and no longer under Nintendo’s’ car we will start to see a lot more of these videos popping up around the internet, this hopefully means we won’t have to wait another two weeks for every small details of the switch.

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