Is the Xbox Scorpio under powered?

By | January 27, 2017

Xbox Scorpio is Microsofts mid generation console upgrade for the Xbox one line and will be a direct competitor to its rival the ps4 pro. Microsoft have frequently praised Scorpio as the “most powerful console ever made” and taken jabs at the ps4 pro for not running all games at native 4k. A new leak has shown that Scorpio might not be packing native 4k, Microsoft have already stated that all 1st party games will run at native 4k yet they have been pretty quiet on the 3rd party.

This leak comes from euro gamer who have a good track record when it comes to leaks. they were right about the Nintendo switch unveiling event and whilst they weren’t the first to report about the ps4 pro they were the first to confirm its authenticity. The papers found in the leak come just after Scorpios announcement at e3 in 2016 so it is more than possible that these leeks are now outdated in regards to Scorpios power. Microsoft have now stated that Scorpio will be ditching eram (eram is a cheat way to around a lack of ram). Scorpio ditching eram is a very good sign and will cause less latency within the system which will be a blessing to developers however Microsoft have said to all studios that all games must be compatible with the original Xbox one and one s.

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The document also states that the Scorpio will have 12gb of DDR5 memory which is essentially the bare minimum when trying to run a console of this power, for comparisons sake the original Xbox one has 8gb and the Xbox 360 only had 512mb. the document also states that the Scorpios gpu will have 6 terraflops and the system as a whole would be 4 and a half times more powerful than the current Xbox one.

If all this information is true then we may only be looking at a slight upgrade of the ps4 pro however Microsoft and Microsoft developers are telling a different story so hopefully some of the under powered elements from the leak have been fixed.

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