Gaming news of the week – 24th jan

By | January 24, 2017

This Blog post will be created once a week and will focus solely on the smaller gaming stories of the week that aren’t big enough to get their own blog post but are still interesting to know.

Titanfall 2

To the people who were hoping for a wide array of third party games for the Nintendo switch respawn entertainment have struck the first big blow to that idea. when asked if fans could hope for a port of titanfall 2 in an interview with drunk tech review respawn didn’t really beat around the bush just saying F**k No. they also went on to call the console under powered. once again this doesn’t give much hope for the switches third party support it is consistent with what EA have been saying about the switch which is basically if it sells really well we’ll look into it.

Project scorpio

With the long awaited detail sparse console from Microsoft is yet to be shown or even given  a proper name that has not stopped people speculating about it’s price. Pachter a gaming analyst recently said in an interview that he expects the price to be no more than $399, this is due to the ps4 pro potentially dropping to $350 around the scorpio’s launch window. Microsoft have promised that this is the most powerful console ever made which led people to expect the $499 mark but should Patcher be right then this is a very strong price point for project scorpio.

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Call of Duty

the widely criticised infinite warfare that due an insane amount of dislikes on the games trailer has yet again been the best selling game of the year in America for the 9th time in a row. the game beat out all other games of the year whilst only narrowly beating battlefield one. whilst we don’t know the sales numbers of battlefield one EA have said that it has out sold the star wars battlefront reboot that had done around 12 million units buy this point since battlefield 1 launched. whilst this does mean that call of duty is still a a huge franchise it does show that other games are catching up since a few years ago no games ever came close to call of duty’s sale numbers.


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