Is Halo wars 2 the saviour of RTS games?

By | January 17, 2017

The Halo wars 2 release date (21st Feb) is rapidly approaching and with the open beta kicking off in just a few days I thought it’d be good to cover the game, why the RTS genre has suffered over the years and whether halo wars 2 is the game that can save it.

Halo wars 2 is the sequel of the original game back in 2009, whilst people enjoyed the original game the consoles of the time didn’t have the power to run a full scale RTS however with the current generation having a lot more power halo wars 2 is looking as if it can pull of the full scale epic fights that RTS players expect. Despite the original lacking in some areas it did have a really nice, smooth control system that showed that a good RTS game can be made whilst using a controller instead of the more traditional keyboard and mouse.

On the 20th of January the games open beta will begin displaying a new game mode in which instead of building a base and an army you have a deck of cards that can call in various units and powers. If done correctly this could be a really interesting game mode and add in a lot of replay ability, and possibly even though unlikely this game mode could find a space in the E-sports market. Along with this Halo wars 2 is utilising Microsofts play anywhere feature meaning that players on pc can play against players on xbox, this allows for a larger player base and for players to choose their preferred system for playing the game.

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Over the years the RTS genre has been lacking quality games, i believe this is due to the success of the play station and Xbox. due to their huge mainstream success game developers have been focusing on what genres the systems are really good at and sadly this hasn’t been strategy games. This is why Halo wars 2 could save the genre, The game is being launch under the huge Halo franchise which carries a very large fan base as well as this if they can make a really good RTS and release it on console with some success other developers may start to take a second look at the genre and try and support it in a new home.

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