Nintendo switch already a failure?

By | January 15, 2017

Nintendo switch already a failure?

Nintendo unveiled the works when it came to the Nintendo switch launch event last Thursday, the home console that can be transformed into a portable handheld console had a lot of promise leading into the event however what they showed us has left very mixed feelings. the main issues Nintendo are facing is price, power, battery life and games.


During the event Nintendo revealed that the console would be launching worldwide on the 3rd of march for £279.99 in the UK and $300 in the US. This price point is a lot higher than people were hoping for due to being able to get a PS4 or Xbox one for around £250 especially when the PS4 and Xbox one are several times more power than the switch and a vast library of games. Along with the console being quite expensive it would appear that the accessories are on the expensive side as well with a replacement pair of joycons costing £75, the pro controller for £65 plus many more over priced accessories. This alone is making the switch a lot more expensive especially when you realise that the console doesn’t come with any games.


So suspiciously Nintendo didn’t say a word about the power of the console, this doesn’t necessarily mean the worst for the console but it does show that Nintendo doesn’t deem the hardware powerful enough to mention the specs. Because of this we’re still relying on rumours which are becoming more credible due to Nintendos lack of talk on the subject. if true the switch will be using a tegra chip which will be a generation behind the current pascal and cause major power concerns. With the PS4 pro now out as well as Microsoft Scorpio coming later this year introducing a console that is already underpowered to the market could cause it to loose a lot of third party support unless it sells a large amount of systems.


The battery was one of the biggest concerns going in and sadly those concerns seem to have been justified. Nintendo revealed that the console could last anywhere between 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours. with more graphically intensive games draining the battery we can expect games like skyrim and zelda to drain the battery from 100% to 0% in 2.5 hours which kind of makes the original trailer a little misleading. Thankfully though the switch uses usb c to charge meaning that portable battery packs that you can use to extend your phones battery can keep the switch charged up however if you don’t own one its just another cost when buying the switch.


Whilst Nintendo did show a large amount of games that looked really interesting not many of them will be available on the day of launch. This is what killed the wii u and it doesn’t seem that nintendo is learning from their mistakes, Despite this though they did announce that over 80 games were in active development which is a very impressive number and does show some 3rd party support that was lacking from there conference.

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With all of these issues it is going to be hard for Nintendo to break back into the gaming market, everything for Nintendo relies heavily on the console selling very well at launch to ensure that 3rd party developers will continue to support the console but this is a very large risk considering the pitfalls and flaws that we have now seen with the Nintendo switch.

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