Nintendo switch, what does it need to succeed?

By | January 9, 2017

What does the Nintendo switch need to do to succeed? 

The Nintendo switch press event that the world has been waiting for is rapidly approaching, With only two days to go i thought i’d cover what i believe to be vital to the Switch’s success and what we need to see at the event.


with the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 being the switch’s main competition and the switch’s speculated lack of power Nintendo have to undercut Sony and Microsoft when it comes to pricing. with it now being possible to pick up a ps4 and Xbox one for around the £250 mark Nintendo need to price the switch base model at a maximum of £250 if they want to compete. Whilst i feel an entry model must cost less than the other current gen consoles that doesn’t mean Nintendo can’t release a more expensive version with better build materials or extra internal storage for the more dedicated Nintendo fans.

Launch titles

one of Nintendos biggest failings with the Wii u was the lack of games at launch, this is an issue Nintendo really need to address since they’ve had their issues with 3rd party developers from releasing consoles that aren’t cost effective to develop for. Too show fans and developers that the switch will have a strong launch they need to show a strong array of their own 1st part titles this should include:

  • Splatoon
  • A new Mario game
  • super smash brothers
  • Zelda breath of the wild
  • Mario cart

Nintendo also released an image showing all of their new partnerships with third party developers so a strong array of third person games at launch would really help establish the switch as a real competitor in the console market.

Image result for nintendo switch 3rd party


it’s no secret that the online systems in Nintendo consoles meant to replicate Xbox live and PSN has been terrible, having to send friend codes and not being able to invite friends to games from the friends list are things that have to be sorted due to the huge importance of online gaming nowadays. Rather than adding these features as bolt ons they should show an entirely new, fresh and efficient online system.

These are just three things that i believe Nintendo need to introduce among many others, I do believe however that these three points are vital to the overall success of the Nintendo Switch.

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