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There are many tutorials out there that show you how to jailbreak your PS3, or PS4 console. But what they don’t tell you, is that they all require your to be on certain firmware’s which are hard to come by these days, E.G. PS3 needs to be on 3.55 OFW, and PS4 needs to be on 2.71 OFW.

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Our team of 6 developers at CFW Jailbreak have found a way to downgrade your device from the latest official firmware versions. Every time the file is updated it is updated on the website to show which dates it was last working. There are systems in place which detect devices which are not running the original firmware, and they get banned from online services, although with our jailbreak, we have a pre-built proxy system which will keep you undetected from official firmware detectors.

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What Do I Need To Know to Jailbreak?

There is not much knowledge required to jailbreak your device using a soft-mod, the main knowledge required is knowing how to transfer files onto a USB stick and plugging it in to your device. Most of it is explained in our tutorials.

One important piece of information to note down is the model number of your console, which can be located at the end of the barcode. This is due to the jailbreak not being tested on all devices, even though it works on a majority.

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Why Us?

Unlike other methods which require E3 flasher or other physical modifications, this method only requires a USB stick. While we DO offer an E3 tutorial, we do not recommend it, as physical mods can void the warranty on your device. When performing a soft-mod, it is possible to revert back to OFW just by initiating the official system update on your console.


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Even though no knowledge is required to jailbreak your devices, we recommend you give these articles a read if you would like more information on jailbreaking your device. These guides just touch on the basics of methods and physical mods, even though you can follow these tutorials, they do require physical modifications to your consoles which can void the warranty:

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